Leverage you diversity of thought
Get to know yourself
& your colleagues
Do you recognize
one or more of
the following
  1. Working remote - and in different project teams - caused us to feel disconnected from our colleagues
  2. In new teams or projects, time-to-productivity is too low
  3. People don’t always understand each other
  4. Sometimes there are frictions because of different work styles
  5. Some teams feel like are a group of people, instead of a teamm
Discover your team’s qualities, get to know each other better and achieve more together
Diverse teams generate up to 36% more profits (Source: McKinsey).
Embrace diversity, become more inclusive, and reach better results together.
more inclusive
Leverage your
soft skills
Easy-to-use solutions to leverage
your team diversity
All thinking styles,
preferences and more

We use our scientifically validated tool BrainStyle to identify everybody’s thinking styles, needs, preferences and more.

This way we make sure you get to know all there is to know about yourself and your colleagues, and to fuel most of our interactive tools, applications and sessions.

Please contact us if you currently use a profiler, we have ways of importing this data in our platform.

Discover more about the self

The people in your team or organization will be more successful in the workplace if they can actively harness their strengths and delegate their weaknesses.

The interactive About you area contains an extensive, actionable report about one’s own profile, work style, sources of energy, creative style, tips for coping with stress, and much more.

All about your teams and colleagues

Getting to know colleagues quickly – especially when working in different project teams – is essential for a team’s success and well-being.

In the Team page your team can find out all about their colleagues’ preferences and qualities, team roles and group dynamics. It is a place to discover ideal project team compositions for different projects, adjust recruitment & selection efforts to the missing qualities in the team and much more.

Actionable advice at moments that matter

Our interactive tools give valuable insights into colleagues’s needs in typical work situations. Have more effective meetings, give better presentations, kick start your project team and shorten your time to productivity.

1-on-1’s & team resemblances

People in your team can find out how much they have in common with 1 or more of their colleagues. We give actionable tips based on the level of resemblance.

Work is not a contest; both high and low resemblences offer opportunities when working together, as long as we are aware of them. That is truly diversity at work in your team!

Unique personalized profiles

People have direct control over what their colleagues see and discover about them by personalizing their preferences. With our unique personalized profiles we are the first in the world that move beyond boxing and pigeonholing.

Because we are all unique.

We foster diversity of thought in
many different sectors
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