Structural team development
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A data-driven approach to
improving teamwork
Hands-on, actionable coaching programmes for
structural team development
An increasingly complex work environment leads to increasing demands of our workforce. Make sure your people have all it takes to thrive in such an environment, and make it lasting.
Increasing personal awareness and trust
Through our in-house profiler BrainStyle — in combination with our app — we ensure that people in your team get to know themselves and their colleagues better. We identify 15 different thinking styles: BrainStyles. With a track record of almost 20 years and more than 14.000 tests done we know what we’re doing.
Everyone is unique. That’s why your profile becomes more personalized the more you use our app. We are the only company in the world that offers such a solution.
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Harvesting the value of diversity
When differences are valued, productivity soars and your team thrives. Diverse teams are more successful, but only when you know how to leverage these differences.
Based on our experience and a healthy dose of scientific evidence we have identified the 4 mindsets of team diversity. We use this as a basis to optimize cognitive diversity in your team.
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Successful team development
All teamwork is built on the 6 essential team qualities on the right. Friction within 1 or more of these areas (which is almost always the case) will lead to sub-optimal results with your team.
Getting to know your bottlenecks creates opportunities for growth. Even small interventions often lead to big improvements.
A blended solution; the tech-and-touch approach to team development
We believe as much in people as in technology. That’s why we chose to blend psychology and popular team theory with software; it helps you to put psychological insights into practice in your daily work, without the need to know all the theory behind it.
The result is a data-driven, science-based solution that empowers all the people in your team to learn on-the-job, in a fun and engaging way.
Solutions for all your screens
Make sure your team has access to relevant insights, the right tools and an actionable data dashboard — always and everywhere. With interactive tools, interventions, challenges and much more.
All under the click of your fingers, in a web, desktop ànd mobile app.
Turn your team into a high-performing team
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