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Team coaching that's focused on the 6 essential team qualities
Based on the current scientific team theory, we have created coaching modules around the 6 essential development areas for teams. All modules are fully customizable to fit your context, needs and wishes.
  1. Trust & Safety
    Trust and safety are the foundation of any highly productive team. In a safe environment, people speak out clearly, develop more easily and dare to be more innovative. This in-depth module strengthens the connection within your team and contributes to the feeling of security.
  2. Effective Communication
    Sometimes we talk unnoticed, or we can get bogged down in unproductive discussions. The result is that we lose valuable time and energy. In this module your team will learn to communicate more effectively and achieve greater persuasiveness, for example with presentations and plans.
  3. Clarity & Structure
    Your team will quickly get more productive if there is clarity - not only about the division of tasks and decision-making, but also about the shared values and the (group) behavior that is necessary to be effective.
  1. Feedback & Improvement
    A characteristic of highly productive teams is that they regularly reflect on themselves and constantly adapt to the changing environment. This module is suitable for teams that have been working together for a while.
  2. Creative Problem Solving
    Each team has challenges and is expected to deliver within certain limitations. Important sources of creativity are already effortlessly and naturally hidden within each team. With this module we help you bring it to the surface.
  3. Success in a Complex Environment
    In modern organizations multiple multidisciplinary teams with different ideas, timelines and focus work together to achieve a common goal. This very dynamic situation requires awareness of the internal and external force field of the team, and how to influence this optimally.
Coaching for increasing your teams' diversity mindset
Based on our experience and scientific evidence we have identified the 4 typical mindsets of team diversity. We use this as a basis to optimize the diversity of thought (some call this cognitive diversity) in your team.
  1. Reject
    Here people think their own way of working is the best. They ask the other person to adapt by being more creative, for example, or more precise. The team is closed. Fruitless discussions take place and there is often unproductive storming.
  2. Respect
    People respect each other's way of working and have an attitude of 'live and let live'. The team works rather individually. There are clear working agreements, standards and procedures, but the team does not make intensive use of each other's qualities. Here, team potential remains unused.
  1. Appreciate
    In this situation, people appreciate each other's style and behavior, even - and sometimes especially - when it is different from their own. The team is curious about each other: what can we offer each other? How do we strengthen each other? The team that believes that 1 + 1 = 3 is productive and actively cooperates.
  2. Harvest
    Here, people actually enjoy the different ways of thinking within the team. They believe that each has valuable qualities and makes a unique contribution. The team actively seeks each other out to spar, find better solutions and deliver the most value together. The team excels: it harvests all the potential inherent in the team.
Some of our expert team coaches
We have a wide range of expert coaches that can help you reach your goals.
We always make sure there is a good fit between your team or organization and the coach(es).
Meet some of them below.
Sandra Minnee
Sandra Minnee
Lieke Beijen
Lieke Beijen
Els Molenaar
Els Molenaar
Jeske Krens
Jeske Krens
Anne-Marie van Walraven
van Walraven
Philia Lijdsman
Philia Lijdsman
Sandhya Chandoesing
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