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Together you are facing an assignment. You want to do it as well as possible, but everyone handles things differently. Which is not always easy. How do you leverage the various qualities in a team? How do you work together smoothly and effectively while delivering good results? We help with inspiring coaching programs and AI-supported software.

Bring out the best
in each other

Reaching deadlines. Staying within budget. Making decisions that everyone supports, but that you don't need to talk about endlessly. And going to work with a smile. How do you achieve it?

With three digital tools and expert coaching, you will bring out the best in each other. You learn to know and use all personal qualities with BrainStyle. You keep focus on your teamwork with the Team Accelerator. And your personal AI Coach helps you with...basically everything!

Our tools for team development
Your own AI coach & assistant for all your colleagues
Your own AI coach & assistant for all your colleagues

AI Coach provides personalized answers to all your questions at any time of the day. What are you possibly overlooking in your planning? How can you use your specific qualities to grow in your career? How do you best give your colleague feedback? AI Coach tells you.

AI Coach is safe, specfic and probes, so you get better answers. He is available 24/7, never gets enough of its work and acts as your personal assistant, business coach, team coach, and life coach.

Get to know yourself and your team better with BrainStyle
Get to know yourself and your team better with BrainStyle

What is my personal makeup and how does it relate to the rest of my team? BrainStyle provides insights into your working style and that of your colleagues. You can put together as many project teams as you want. Everyone gets interactive advice and tips to use qualities in a more targeted way. From themselves and from team members.

This ensures more fun and better results. And the more you use the app, the richer the advice becomes.

To a more effective and inclusive team with the Team Accelerator
To a more effective and inclusive team with the Team Accelerator

There's something going on, but you can't quite put your finger on it. You know that there's more to the team than what's being reflected. The Team Accelerator visualizes it and helps you on your way to improving the team's dynamics.

With practical tips that are specifically tailored to your scores, we guide your team towards harmonious and efficient collaboration.

Customized modules, under the guidance of an expert coach
Sometimes, the situation requires more than just digital tools. Then, you need to put your heads together and get to work under the guidance of an expert. We come to you to work on what your team needs. Whether that's stress management, underlying dynamics or more effective collaboration. Together, we tackle your learning point, based on psychology, data analysis and coaching.
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