Become a high-performing team
Measure, monitor and increase
your team's performance
& diversity of thought
Do you recognize
one or more of
the following
  1. Not everyone feels comfortable to honestly say what’s on their mind
  2. Communication doesn’t always run smooth
  3. Tasks and roles are not well distributed and defined
  4. Our decision-making process can be too slow or unclear
  5. Collaboration with other teams can be difficult
  6. It can be challenging to achieve good results and keep energy high
A data-driven solution to become more
successful as a team
Your growth roadmap for the 6 essential team qualities. Also focuses on cognitive diversity
mindset & behaviors.
Be more
Increase output &
Become a tight-
knit team
leadership skills
Foster a
growth culture
The best way of increasing
output and happiness in your team
Team Accelerator: powerful science-based diagnostics

Measure how your team performs on the 6 essential team qualities, and which diversity mindsets people hold. Discover where the bottlenecks are, ànd where your opportunities lie.

Don’t be afraid for tiresome questionnaires; it takes people 10 minutes to fill it in. When the admission period closes you can immediately check the results.

Extensive data dashboard

Our Team Accelerator programme is a solution for teams that want to have quantitative insights and make data-driven decisions about how to improve their effectiveness.

In the extensive data dashboard you can see how your team is doing, and we point out the preferred team qualities to focus on. With detailed and in-depth information, interventions, challenges and more.


When you know how you perform it’s time for action; within your data dashboard you can create actions to focus on in the coming cycle. This way you ensure that the priorities are clear and the whole team is aligned.

Based on your results, we already propose a number of actions. Of course you can also add new ones yourself.

Periodic monitoring

By periodically completing the questionnaire you can track your team’s progress over time. The dashboard contains growth and decline indicators per team quality, indicating if you’re on track.

Fully automated

Most of the process – from creating the reports to sending reminders to the team about an upcoming measurement – is automated. This leaves more time for you to focus on the important things, and makes this a very cost-effective solution.

Coaching session

One coaching session is always included in the programme. This way we ensure that everybody in the team understand the theory, that the results are clear and that you know how to effectively plan and implement actions that lead to success.

After that it’s up to you; some teams continue on their own, some hire us for additional support through our modular approach.

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